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Freshies By Presleigh

Trucker Hat Freshie Mold Inserts

Trucker Hat Freshie Mold Inserts

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Elevate your freshie game with FBP handmade freshie molds! Experience the difference quality makes, & transform your freshies into works of art! Hand-designed with both form & function in mind. FBP Freshie Molds are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical & user friendly! All molds are hand poured, & crafted with love. FBP Freshie Molds are used with premium grade materials, ensuring durability & ease use after use. The flexible (but strong) silicone construction allows for effortless de-molding, while the sturdy design ensures consistent results, batch after batch!

FBP Freshie Mold Insert How-To: Insert your freshie mold insert face up into the base of your freshie mold, & you're able to get several different designs using one mold! High-quality, hand-poured, silicon freshie mold! Easy to bake with scented aroma beads. Great detail which aids in the fun part... decorating your freshie! Pairs with the "Bolt Freshie Mold".



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